How to Do Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Color Correction?

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How to Do Permanent Makeup Red Eyebrows Color Correction?

Permanent Makeup has now become the most popular and lasting beauty technique. In the early days, it is not mature and the eyebrows always got blue or red. As time goes, now permanent makeup eyebrows have made a great progress on the pigments and technique. We can avoid red or blue eyebrows properly by good products and techniques.

Why permanent makeup eyebrows will turn red?

Firstly, the pigments which is unstable and poor quality will do harm to customer's health. Permanent makeup eyebrows redness occurs after several months, because the pigments are affected by ultraviolent light. Nowadays, there are mostly plant extracted pigment which is much stabler than before.

Secondly, the use of brown, chocolate, and coffee color, which contains red ingredients, will show red after the other colors are broken down by the skin, for red has high stability. Proper color selection will solve this problem. Don't use these 3 colors alone. Mix with black brown or other dark colors.

Thirdly, there are often some unskilled technicians who can not control the strength of the embroidery technique. They are too deep or too shollow. Excessive embroidery will cause bleeding too much. The blood and color will mix up. And later it will be prone to redness.

Last, it may be the customer's own case. People who have oily skin,  and who have been exposed to UV light for a long period of time are easier to get red eyebrows.

How to transform red permanent makeup eyebrows?

Method 1: Wash off with a laser machine.

Red eyebrows correction usually need 3 to 6 times. Make sure to communicate with customers before lasering for customers are impatient and pain-sensitive.

Method 2: Use permanent makeup pigment to do transforming.

If you correct red color, you can do it again with green brown. You can also use other dark colors, such as dark brown or dark gray brown. But the operation has a very important principle that the lines should be as dense as possible.

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