2 Things You Must Know After Permanent Makeup

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2 Things You Must Know After Permanent Makeup

Girls are very satisfied with the eyebrows tattoo at the beginning days. But after a week, it begins to scab. They could not help but pull the scab by fingers, and later the color fades. 

During scabbing: does it effect coloring by pulling the scab?

Here it must be emphasized that you should not pull the scab off eyebrows or eye liner after permanent makeup tattoo. Because scab is not only for repairing, but also fixing lines. If the scab is removed by hand, it will affect the repair of the eyebrow surface, and it will not be easy to color or have uneven color. And for sure it will have bad eyebrow tattoo result. So if you find scab on eyebrows,please let it fall naturally. For beauty, do not pull!

Of course, some people would say that I did nothing but color fades after my permanent makeup week What happened?

In fact, there are two situations for fading:

1. Fake decolorization: Fake decolorization is caused by scab falling. During permanent makeup eyebrows operation, the pmu device inserts the pigment into the epidermis. It will form a miniature wound and later it will scab.Scab time is generally 3-5 days. It usually will fall off after a week. Sometimes the scabs shed more slowly which is related to the skin healing ability. If the thicker repair agent is applied, it will scab off slower.

2. Real decolorization: Real decolorization is caused by the improper post-operative care. After doing permanent makeup eyebrows, be careful not to touch cleanser and makeup remover while daily cleaning and care. If you hit or rub to the eyebrows tattoo, it will be easy to cause true decolorization. Because the skin has not completely absorbed the pigment.

Why eyebrows need touch up after permanent makeup?

Eyebrows under the skin will have metabolism. When metabolism is completed, the lines will gradually show the normal color out.

It takes 28 days for skin to recover after semi-permanent makeup. When the deep skin color gradually appears, you need touch up if the line is not obvious color or too light.

Necessity of Touch Up:

After your first permanent makeup eyebrows operation, there will be about 20% -50% of the pigment falling off with the stratum corneum cells. And it is related with the age, skin elasticity, whether it has been damaged and so on. After the permanent makeup eyebrows tattoo, you can make up at touch-up according to the skin absorption of pigments. During the touch-up process, you can get permanent makeup natural eyebrows effect and achieve the best lasting time.

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