Will BB Glow Hurt Our Beauty?

Author:Gabby Lee Click: Time:2019-02-22 10:26:02

It was popular in 2016 in China. But later it disappeared from the market.   

Here below you can find more info about BB GLOW:

Its ingredient is basically titanium dioxide, plant extracts and hyaluronic acid.

Titanium dioxide is a white granule powder that reflects light. So it is often used in physical sunscreen products. However, it is for external use only. It is not recommended for internal use or for injection purposes. Titanium dioxide may cause photocatalysis in the dermis layer. It destroys DNA in skin cells and increases the risk of skin cancer.

If the treatment is not properly treated, there are chances to cause wound infection, scar formation, skin sensitivity and other issues, as well as to infect infectious diseases from unclean microneedles.

Because the treatment is invasive treatment, there is a certain risk. The microneedle has the chance to penetrate the entire epidermal layer, so that titanium dioxide is absorbed into the body, affecting the body organs. So it is not recommended to perform such medical treatment.

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