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Safty Big Head 3D Microblade Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Light Weight
Safty Big Head 3D Microblade Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Light Weight

Features for the Tattoo Microblade Eyebrow Pen:

1. Operate more easily freehand brushwork

2. Complete functions, professional lock-pin device

3. Use with the paste pigment, in different colors

4. Used for eyebrow tattoo operation, high quality guarantee

5. The Permanent Makup Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is easy to cope with and not easy to damage

6. Professional lock-needle device,all kinds of blades are available,easy to control

7. Do not need the power when doing tattoo beauty operation, suit for many kinds of blades

8. The handmade tattoo microblade eyebrow pen is used with the paste pigment, which is the main tools for the eyebrow,lips etc.


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