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38 Four Rows No-Scab Pink Blade Permanent...

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38 Four Rows No-Scab Pink Blade Permanent Makeup Flat Blade For Microblading    
38 Four Rows No-Scab Pink Blade Permanent Makeup Flat Blade For Microblading    
Product No.:CTB033-5Weight:5gColor:PinkMaterial:PlasticCertificate:CEUsage:permanent makeup tattoo

In order to have more natural and beautiful lips, No Scab Blade has been used for lips since last year. Girls like the lips which also called no scab light oxygen lips. No scab here means you can not see or feel scab. Compared to the traditional semi permanent makeup lips method, no scab blade has the advantages of no bleeding, tiny scab wound, healing faster and painless. Your brows can touch water after process and it will not affect normal life.

Competitive Advantage:


1). Permanent makeup tattoo needle was made of #38 Four Rows wires.Unique in form,and accord with the principle of bionics.


2). The manual permanent makeup needle tips is sharp,easy to cut skin and get achieve rapid

coloring effects.


3). With laser ended , while maintaining the resilience, and stability excellent.


4). Tail needle is coarse and front needle is soft with resilience.


5). use it to permanent makeup the eyebrow , it's easy and make the eyebrow more naturel and beautiful.


Product No.:CTB033-5Weight:5gColor:PinkMaterial:PlasticCertificate:CEUsage:permanent makeup tattoo


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