5 Seconds Tattooing Shaker


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5 Seconds Tattooing Shaker
5 Seconds Tattooing Shaker
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Product No.:CTA123Weight:1000GColor:BACKBrand :CHARMING TATTOOUsage:Tattooing Shaker


Product Name: 5 Seconds Tattooing Shaker

Item No.: 

Color: Black

Speed Range: 4000rpm

Input Power: 1.5W/ 0.8W

Output Power: 1.5W/ 0.8W

Amplitude: 405mm

Power: 1.5W

Size: 110*110*86mm


  1. The Tattoo Shaker is a small, reliable and maintenance free machine that you will want for your station
  2. 5 seconds quickly mixes the pigment
  3. It’s an indispensable mixing machine for busy tattooists and permanent makeup technicians
  4. Works best with bottles sized 125ml and smaller
  5. Rubber top and suction cup,thick metal base for stability

Designed to blend tattoo pigment. When using, first tighten the color bottle cap, put the bottle on the top of the shaker, and press it down (activate the turntable). It takes only 5 seconds to mix the toner and prepare it for use. Don't worry about getting an electric shock and flying the toner bottle, due to the bottom of this product is equipped with a strong suction cup.It is worth every busy tattooist and permanent makeup technicians.

Product No.:CTA123Weight:1000GColor:BACKBrand :CHARMING TATTOOUsage:Tattooing Shaker

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