Privacy is an important right of users. For all users of, we will treat your personal information in a responsible manner. This statement is hereby formulated to indicate the collection, use and protection policy of user-related information. All the terms of this privacy agreement belong to one of the important parts of This privacy agreement applies to all services of You will be protected and bound by this privacy agreement when you visit. Please be sure to read it carefully.

First, user personal information

1. In order to provide better services, it is necessary to request some personal information when necessary. Such personal information may include: name, company, email address, contact information, design, etc.

2. Please be aware that the website will not use the information you provide for other purposes without your consent and confirmation. This is not the case when disclosing in response to government and legal requirements. Our goal is to provide all users with a pleasant and beneficial online network, and to make it easier and more satisfying for each user to use application-related services, and collecting this personal information helps us achieve this goal.

Second, user rights

1. Website users have the following rights with respect to their personal information:

(1) Inquire and request reading at any time;

(2) Request supplements or corrections at any time;

(3) Request deletion at any time;

(4) Request to stop processing and use.

2. We usually ask customers to fill in relevant information and send emails so that the service can be better carried out. Such information will also become part of the user data of our website, and will be subsequently recorded, stored, protected and reasonably used. Whether to provide the requested information and whether to participate in such activities is entirely up to the user.

3. For the above rights, we provide you with related services. If users have any suggestions or comments, please contact us in time.

Third, user information security protection

1. We will strictly protect the security of your personal information and take strict management and protection measures for the information you provide. We will adopt appropriate security technologies and procedures to prevent your information from being lost, stolen or tampered with, and to protect your information from being accessed, used or leaked by unauthorized persons.

2. When necessary, we will also entrust professional and technical personnel to perform computer and mobile phone processing on this type of data to meet the needs of professional division of labor. If this website sends a computer processing notice to you at that time, and you do not express an objection within the time specified in the notice, this website will be regarded as a default.

Fourth, sharing and disclosure of personal information

1. In order to provide you with such services, it is necessary for this website to share your personal information with the partner.

2. According to laws and regulations or mandatory government regulations, we must provide your personal information to relevant judicial or government departments.

3. In order to prevent your legal rights, the legal rights of others, or the public interest from being seriously harmed.

4. This website has definite evidence to prove that your actions violated the privacy statement of this website or any rules on specific services or products, thus posing a major harm to the legitimate rights and interests of this website.

Fifth, Principles for the use of user information, this application party may make reasonable use of the personal information of users of this website outside the necessary scope when one of the following conditions is met:

1. Your written consent has been obtained;

2. In order to avoid the emergency danger to your life, body or property;

3. To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others;

4. To promote the public interest and not harm your major interests.

Sixth, principles of User Information Disclosure

1. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, when relevant government agencies require this application to disclose relevant personal information in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide relevant information in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. In this case, this application does not assume any responsibility for any disclosure of user information.

2. Other applications need to disclose relevant user information due to good faith belief or reasonable reasons:

(1) It is necessary to disclose relevant information according to the terms listed in the application service agreement or other relevant statements of the application;

(2) In an emergency, to protect the personal or property safety of the application and application users;

(3) In order to reflect the principle of fairness and justice, it is necessary to publicize part of the user’s information.

Seventh, exemption

In addition to the exemption circumstances stipulated in Article 6 above, this website also does not need to bear any responsibility in the following circumstances:

(1) Any personal information leakage, loss, misappropriation or tampering caused by non-application reasons such as hacking, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary shutdown due to government control and other non-application reasons that affect the normal operation of the network;

(2) Any disputes arising from the use of your personal information by any third party based on the conditions listed in the service statement and service agreement of the app;

(3) All exemptions listed in each service statement and service agreement shall be applied;

(4) There are links to other application web pages on the application interface. The website is not responsible for the content, privacy policy, operation of any other applications, or the actions of the companies operating these applications. Please check their privacy policies before providing personal information to these apps linked to the app. Our company is not responsible for the leakage of personal information caused by other applications linked to this application and any legal disputes and consequences resulting therefrom;

(5) Any consequences caused by force majeure.

Eighth, relevant laws

For issues not covered by this statement, please refer to the relevant national laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with the relevant national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

Ninth, the copyright of the relevant declarations on this website and the right of modification, update and final interpretation belong to the website.




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